About Me

Hello! I'm Heather. I grew up in Ohio, grew to love Kentucky, and am growing to love Wisconsin. Cheese helps.

I like to write about what God is teaching me, which is a lot, but thankfully He is patient with me through the learning process. I also think He laughs with us (and at us) a lot more than we realize He does.

It should be known that I love my cat, Penelope, though I don't consider myself a crazy cat lady (yet).

I also love strong coffee, baked goods, Hallmark movies, galloping through wooded glens, and laughing loud and long and clear.

This blog's title is about seasons because we all go through them, and it's only a matter of asking God to help us bloom in whichever season we're planted at the time. That's mostly what I do.

Thanks for stopping by. :) I hope anything I say on this blog is a good reflection of the work God does in and through His Church.

<-- Penelope disguised as a princess disguised as a Russian spy.